Our lord of warriors eternal glory won
By the sword's edge at Brunanburh
Smashed the shield-wall and drove them from the land
The enemy doomed they fell and the field was dark with blood

Shot with spears, the crushed assailants fled
In revenge we rode them down and the vanquished took to sea
Edward's sons victorious in war
Made mountains of the slain and the wolves and crows did feast

Great slaughter made and the fields of Britain tamed
Lord of the fyrd, he fared north and he held his sway
Mastery claimed and the hearts of the beaten shamed
Engla Cyning - Rex Totius Britaniae!
Legend made at Brunanburh

Mighty victory has no name
In the shadow of Senlac's fame
Words that glorify on a withered page
Lost in the myth of a dark age

Ne wearр wжl mare
On юis eiglande жfre gieta
Folces gefylled beforan юissum
Sweordes ecgum, южs юe us secgaр bec,
Ealde uрwitan, siююan eastan hider
Engle and Seaxe up becoman,
Ofer brad brimu Brytene sohtan,
Wlance wigsmiюas, Wealas ofercoman,
Eorlas arhwate, eard begeatan.
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Brunanburh Lyrics

Forefather – Brunanburh Lyrics