There's wars and insurrection
Trouble comes in all directions
Hair loss and indigestion
You only pump after you pay
You know all I've gotta say

Come on, dance with your hands above your head
Take a toke, and float that keg
Let me hear everybody holler
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey
Call the craziest friends you can find
Get your supercallafragalistic freak on
Let your uptight ass unwind
Party like
It might be your last good time

Nobody knows when it comes or fades
Numbers up when the dam break
Yesterday is a day too late
You gotta make your tail feather
Shake, shake, shake
We got the here
We got the now
We got the whammy bar guitar
Goin' wow, wow, wow, wow


Your last good time


Your last good time
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Last Good Time Lyrics

Flynnville Train – Last Good Time Lyrics

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