Used to run from him but now I'm running for my God, running for my God,
Run- running for my God (2X) hey

Every time this record play... RUN IT BACK... hop up in the Word and run the
I'm movin... moving like I'm running track, gotta stay busy cause the Lord's
Soon to come back
I'm running (16X)

Hey I'm running for the Lord like it ain't no tomorrow... rain, sleet, hail,
Snow I'm with it (?) like Chicago
Yep cause I been called to the pavement, and you know for the Lord I run
Miles like Davis,
These new shoes call em piece of the Gospel, it's a tough race but I'll die
If I got to,
And you know it's only Jesus that I'm running for, catch me on the move
Like I thought I heard the gun blow,
And I sip that life water never getting thirsty, Hop up in the Word and get
Jackie Joyner Kersee (actual person)
Cause the track is as real and it's real, keep me going even though ya boy
Ain't never changed worldly (? As in physical... like my body hasn't
Now Taylor Swift started Strong but the one who endure til the end he gon
Be on top (on top)
And Jesus said we should all stay outside, so what I look like letting time
Fly by


They(?) had to promote Jesus but I am not a publicist, I am just a light
Try'n to show you where the rubbish is,
The world is a trick, filled with magicians... rappers, actors, athletes,
But imagine what could happen if we had a pile of Christians (love that
Part! Lol)
Filled with the Spirit and wit- wisdom intermissions.
But ain't no intermission homie you know what I'm talkin bout, Kids pullin
Nines out, while we callin time out
Gathering possessions, snackin on refreshments, while the worlds feet
Stinks like they need a pregnant (?)
That's why we need Jesus for biblical reflection, it's ya boy Flame til he
Comes and erects em!
So many people follow Jesus for riches and cavier, til I expire told the
Messiah, I'm servin and working Hard
Cause it's true... you can recognize a tree by it's fruit... and I'm tryna bear
Mine... no spare time!


I'm running (15X) What... music rides.
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Running Lyrics

Flame – Running Lyrics

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