Yeah, yeah
Fireball yeah.

Ha aha aha haa...

What I What I want, What what I want to

This girl of mine, she's always teasing me
But she looks so fine yeah (yeah)
Maybe tonight there will be
Maybe tonight yeah

Ha aha aha haa...

Don't waste my time,
You know you want it gal,
You can be mine, yeah
You can't deny how much you want it gal
You will be mine, gal

Ha aha aha haa...

I'll neva forget the day we first met
It was so perfect, girl

That you was mine, yeah
My my girl, you was mine mine mine
Everything was fine, girl girl
Everything was fine fine fine, yeah

What I What I want, What what I want to
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What I Want Lyrics

Fireball – What I Want Lyrics

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