(Chorus - Shanell)
If I moved it in closer could you rock with me
If I hold is steady could you rock with me
If I turned it up to town could you ride with me
Could you ride with me?

(Filip Filipi)
Yes yes yes I learned my Americana
Fuck 50 stars, Louis lugagge for my baby mama
Or balenciega, Emilio Pucci
Chanel, Fendi, Gucci
Papazzari see me shoot me
Now she brain better
Cause I make it rain wetter
I'm in the range with her
Wood grain, lane switcher
You fly? Well I flew
Higher than a bird, Howard Hughes


If I moved a little closer
Took the time to show ya
If I turned it up I know ya would ride with me

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Can You Rock Lyrics

Filip Filipi – Can You Rock Lyrics

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