The Bazaar in Ouarzazate,
Had an emerald for sale. We heard
In the silver band were etched the initials of you know who.

His momma pawned the Gulfstream;
Returned the antiquities to Italy;
Said in no uncertain terms buy it back for my youngest son.

Please don't tell me nothing.
I'd rather tell me nothing,
Keep me in the dark,
With the opposite of anything.

Went through my per diems
By the middle of the morning.
You won't mind me writing my own receipts for boys or smoke

Contracted three merchant fevers;
Embellished two early evenings;
At an arcade in the afternoon looked back and forth with you know who.

Please, don't tell me nothing,
I'd rather. Tell me nothing:
Keep me in the dark.
With the opposite of anything.
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Keep Me In The Dark Lyrics

Fiery Furnaces – Keep Me In The Dark Lyrics