Everyday I sit and pray to God above
That You'll watch over me and my family
But everyday I seem to pray the same old thing
In the same old way, and I start to think

That maybe I should change
And find something better to say
But I've learned to believe
You always hear me when I pray

So I get down on my knees
'Cause I'm stronger than these
Voices inside of my head
They try to deceive me
And make me believe
That I would be better instead
To make requests and put them to rest
But You're already one step ahead

You knew just what I would say
Before it was said
Every night I lie awake wondering
If You're listening to every heartbeat
You've told me that You know the deepest part of me
And You'll watch over me and my family
So I guess I shouldn't change
'Cause You hear every word that I say
And I knew You were here
When I knelt down today
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Before It Was Said Lyrics

Ffh – Before It Was Said Lyrics

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