Walking down, the beach
In suits and bare feet
Thinking thoughts,
Feeling feelings,
Never felt before in my life.

Walking down
The lit up streets of Las Angeles
With not one word at all,
It makes things perfect, so perfect

So we'll gaze at the stars,
And take a trip to the moon
The sun can't shine as bright as we do
And the wind will carry us away
And as we dance our hearts will sing like "La La La"

Our hearts beat the same beat,
We breathe at the same rate
It was the first time I met you,
Our eyes locked, my heart stopped,
I cannot forget you!

Darling I want this so badly...
More than anything in the world
Please tell me you feel the same way,
You feel, You feel, the same about me


Memories from our first few days
And the memories are still coming constantly, oh constantly

I thank God for giving me this chance
For giving me you,
And giving me everything
Lets now praise him together!

[Chorus x2]
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A Cute Song For You Part 1 Lyrics

Fermium – A Cute Song For You Part 1 Lyrics