Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Hella drunk, and she on E
All these broads keep pullin' on me (on me)
Won't stunt, pullin' my tree (my tree)
Mommy can't keep her hands off me
(Girl pop one of these) [Repeat: x8]

Girl, what up, say, lookin' for the boppers
Eyes open, scopin' the bunny hoppers
Big tits, cheek backside like woah
I like that, you already know
I'm drunk on a hundr' tryin' find me a friend
When I'm fucked up everything look like a 10
Baby got back and yeah I'm with that
I'm a player, my game show up like a thumb tack
Baby is throwin' up, but I keep pullin' up
Their ain't no slowin' up, I'm a keep goin' 'til
Girl say that the room is spinnin'
Wait it get's better, this just the beginning
Wait 'til you can't feel your hands and feet
This your first time rollin'? You're in for a treat
You wake up tomorrow thinkin' what did you do
While you at it, don't stop, take one of these too
Pop one of these


Leaned out, chasin' my N's
All these hoes keep chasin' my friends
's all good, I stared through the lense
Kick back and just laugh while they chasin' the Benz
I tell a bitch like Gobi go harder or go home
She ain't doin' nothin' for me she can leave me alone
Pretty thing walked up like 'Ay what it is'
She said she like my shirt, she was lookin' at Biz
I said Biz, She said Biz, ok, it is what it is
Just go tuggin' on my neck and I'm a handle the biz
I reach into my pocket and I pulled out a grip
All kinds of different colors and I told her don't trip
First one's on me, all the rest on you
She said I'll hit the ATM, it's best that you do
I let her through, skipped off, 5 minutes was back
Told me fuck it, give me everything, and gave me a stack
Like that


Yeah I'm controllin'
All this shit in my hand I'm holdin'
I know she's rollin'
Jumped in the limo, don't know where we goin'
Don't ask just fall in
I pull it out and pack it all in
Girl why you stallin'
My phone keeps ringin', females callin'
I'm a show you I'm pimpin'
'bout to have fun if you like women
Always keep two or three
I don't give a fuck if you like me
I'm a rapper, you a groupie
I go back in there and get a new three
As soon as I walk in the door
Met another girl, ready to go
And she was


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

(Girl pop one of these) [Repeat: x8]
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Pop One Of These Lyrics

Federation – Pop One Of These Lyrics

Songwriters: Barker, Travis L / Caldwell, Anthony / Jackson, Thomas / Unknown, Writers
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