[Verse 1 (Gabrielle, Eddie B and Josh)]

I never imagined someone could make me feel
Like I'm falling so deep I wanna believe it's real
Have you lost ya mind, has ya conscience gone away??
Just take your take your time 'cause puppy love will end someday
Well, sometime you meet someone that makes you feel so complete

[Chorus (Gabrielle)]

I drive myself crazy over you
I'm drownin in my sorrows 'cause of you
I drive myself crazy over you
I'm fallen in love (Fallen in Love) (Fallen in Love)
I'm Fallen In Love

[Verse 2 (Gabrielle, Valure and Eddie B and Josh)]

See lately, I feel like I don't kno what to believe, nothing that you say can take away this void inside of me
Listen to me sista, I kno the games they play (sista), It may sound like love, But he may not want the same
Girl you gotta do what chu feel is best for you,
If it's love don't let it pass you by

[Chorus (2x)]

I'm goin crazy, baby, I'm goin crazy for you, baby [4x]
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Drive Myself Crazy Lyrics

Fatty Koo – Drive Myself Crazy Lyrics