(intro to Many Men, 50 cent shot)
Fat Joe: Yeah that'll do it!, man I told y'all n****s, you fuckin wit the Don n***a!, Follow Me!
Chorus: 50, meet 50, he's the fakest dud you ever seen,
Curtis, Curtis Jackson, how this n***a ever get seen
Once I got you ima give you my, my 44 44 44
My, my 44 44 44
My, my 44 44 44
Ima give it to ya, n***a nice and slow
Verse 1:
50 you gon end up dead when you fuckin wit crack,
Sayin you gon pop off, wher the f**k you be at (Cook!)
I c mj in the hood more den curtis,
Matter fact, this beef s**t is makin n****s nervous
Every week families greivin at sunday service
End up wit ya head popped off thanx to curtis,
But he don't care, he stay locked up in theat house and s**t,
Steroid up,
And he wont come up out that b***h
Is it me or Candy Shop sound like magic stick"
In the video, this n***a 50 bout to strip!
Shakin his a**,
What the f**k is wrong with this, n***a!,
50 don't make me brrrraatttttt!!
Oh yeah you got 65 n****s on your team,
But their not from south side jamaica queens,
They're the boys in blue
I'm just speakin the truth!
Now we all see the b***h in you!
Follow me!
Verse 2:
Now lets take it bak to the vibe awards,
Wher did n***a lost and den snuffed your boss
Ready to go,
All I heard was G-g-g-g- unit
50 n****s ran and they didn't even do s**t
That's a shame, I was sittin right in the front,
Waitin for yo n****s to duck
Where all them guns at? And the thephlon vests?
We them terror suawd boys you should no not to test us
Hate or love it the games on top
Now you jealous of him,
When yo s**t gunna stop?
You c, you a b***h n***a straight outta lowa cash
Everybody don't believ him!, this n****s so a**
This lean back said my s**t was a dud,
Now tell me hav you ever seen them up in the club? (nope, nope, nope)
No shorty!
That's right you singin more than you rappin now 50 that aint right!
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My 44 Lyrics

Fat Joe – My 44 Lyrics