Knowing that I'm all lost now
I have no chance but to turn back
I'll face what I was bound to before
Whatever the sickness might be
I don't mind
I'll face the void ahead
There's a window between me and who I was
And I'm the one trying to pry it open
I'll face the fact that I've come too far
All my of my life,
I have surrounded myself with emptiness
I'll face my overwhelming loneliness
Hold tight, inner strength
Or the line that still holds me
I'll face the thing that's embracing me
I'll change my destination
I'll trade the force that's pulling me
I'll face my final destitution
When I'll fall
I will force myself to fly
I'll face the divine might deep inside
After the night of my soul
After the new dawn
I'll face the pearl of my suffering

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Pearl Of My Suffering Lyrics

Farmakon – Pearl Of My Suffering Lyrics

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