I can't take these fights anymore - I've got too much at stake,
I swear I've spent too many nights on the floor - I set myself up to blow it
I'm such an ass and I know it - this time I'm falling faster than a boeing with broken wings
With others too contrast her, they always leave me feeling calloused, broken, and alone
Hey heather, I'm lost in your letters - together we can find something better
So that's it. you're not coming back - I locked the door, but just incase I think
I left a spare under the mat - I know it makes it tougher - I can't help that I love her
Tried to avoid disaster when her reply meant everything - patience is hard to master
Most when it leaves you feeling tired, exhausted, overblown - cause when december comes,
I hope you'll see how you've been missing out, then call me up to confess that it's
Me you think about - how 'bout you give me the day - I'd settle for a second
I need you here with me
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Hey Heather Lyrics

Farewell – Hey Heather Lyrics