As they go, to the river of darkness
And you bleed, my heart
And we could never just stop;
Running around in circles
And you bleed my heart

And we can run again
It's time to pretend
And I can guess again
Which one you are

You screamed the word of deception, I won't give to your games
Your thoughts, your words, are your weapons
You and I are so not the same
Just go...

Nice sweater b***h!

You took the best of me
My head is hung in shame
Move on from your oppression
Move on and start again (x2)

You run in circles
And I could see, not forever more
You tried to fool us
Pretend to be something that you're not

You are the last one with no humility
You are a f*****g disgrace, with no humility (x2)

This is the end...
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This Isn't Blackmail, This Is War Lyrics

Famous Last Words – This Isn't Blackmail, This Is War Lyrics