They search, they light.
This place a face of the fearless.
To wait the night.
It's calm, but you're starting to hear this.
It moves so fast, stops hearts but holding on faster.
Come back, like that, and you know that...

You will find
That I'm everywhere you go.
And I'm all the places you will not be.
You will find
That I'm everwhere you go
And I'm all the things that you want to be.

It leaves this light.
This sparkle's broken inside you.
I swear it hides.
This siren's moving it's way through.
This race we hear.
The fall of the wind and the whispers.
The take so clear, and you know that...

Constantly moving, your heart is just wasting away.
Endlessly waiting, this life is just slipping away.
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Flights Lyrics

Falling Up – Flights Lyrics