Can't believe that I survived
I fell so hard but I'm alive
Standing in front of the gates of Hell
With a glass of ice water in my hand
Lurking at the edge of my bed
Get the fuck out of my head

Goodbye Graceful I'm so Grateful
You helped to change my wicked ways
When I was in my darkest days
And I'm so thankful
That you were able, you were able
To save me from the burning flames
And make me who I am today

This dark cloud is still around
My thoughts wander in and out
And if I die before I wake
Tell the Devil I'm on my way
Lurking at the edge of my bed
Get the fuck out of my head


I've been running for the longest time
I forgot where I have left my mind, I have left my mind

You make me so fucking thankful you were able to save me


Picking up the pieces of my life from the floor
Searching for an open window or an exit door
This boulder on my shoulder it got heavier and colder
Til the day that I passover I'll be slowly rolling over
To all the people I've done wrong now I apologize
To all the girls, hearts I broke, whose tears I made them cry
I know it's been a while and you have traveled many miles
To get away is not my song I wrote this song to make you smile
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Goodbye Graceful Lyrics

Falling In Reverse – Goodbye Graceful Lyrics

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