She?s a mere object of lust
Just an excuse to lose focus
As she weaves her web of senseless appeal
How could I properly trust the voice of my conscience
When her beauty drugs me like a pill
And I know you?re just a distraction
To cause me to stumble again
And if I appear to be a bit drunken
Its for a chance to stumble into you again
To stop thinking of her touch believe me is hard enough
When she uses her eyes to pin me up to the wall
If I numb my mind everything will be just fine
Oh time will tell, if I should give up
Through it all, try to live up
To the heights I know she needs
Try to make a good decision before she blurs my vision
I?ll lay myself on the line
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Just A Distraction Lyrics

Falling Blind – Just A Distraction Lyrics

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