Waiting for the day to end. Tracking life on a sheet of paper waiting to be written on. Getting evens overrated. Why even waste your time? Tomorrow is another day.

I'll never tell you anything you want to hear. I'll never let you under my skin. I'll never tell you anything at all. This is where you fall.

Brokenhearted, turned away, and told that everything you knew was just a lie. Time and time again you've felt it. Yeah, you fell for it. This is your lifetime of goodbyes... so say goodbye.

I always thought you said the right things in the wrong ways and never really cared. You must be kidding. If you've got nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all.

When it's over you'll be dreaming you still had me.
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Brokenhearted Lyrics

Fallen From The Sky – Brokenhearted Lyrics

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