I have a tale of deceit and anger
How love's young hope can twist bitterly
A girl who [Incomprehensible] and her handsome sailor
Their dreams of livin' across the sea
Amelia walked down along the harbor
Her dainty step on the cobbled street
She smiled too sweet at the handsome sailors
Till young guns laid, as she chanced to be
And he fell in love with her so completely
He could think of nothing for weeks to come
And one time held her, so indiscreetly
Her lips they parted in the setting sun
Now, I have to leave on the flagship Lester
For gold and honor I hope to gain
But you have my heart while the sea's in motion
And I am sailin' on the Spanish Main
If you will wait and attend the weather
My own intentions I will make plain
For us to wed and to sail together
And make our home across the Spanish Main
She held his hand like she'd held no other
And she gazed with longin' into his eyes
But her heart held tight to it's own dark secret
Which, if he knew it he would sure despise
For she given her love to her own landlord
In who's cabin she'd hoped to abide
And he'd seen her meet with this handsome sailor
Steal a kiss on the evening tide
And it burned like a fire inside him
And a towering rage now around him grew
He shouted up to the stormy heavens
He vowed he'd find them both and burn them through
He tracked them down where the ship was lying
The cold steel flashed with a glittering pain
Their arms and twines they lay still and dying
Cut short their promise of the Spanish Main
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Spanish Main Lyrics

Fairport Convention – Spanish Main Lyrics