A look that can't be understood; A heart that is like a needle at the bottom of the sea
Using only guessing methods; I feel that I have no appetite
It's a little irritating, yet it mesmerises at the same time
There's no fate for romance; Our response is too slow
Not discrete enough; Choosing the wrong colour of the flowers
But it's contradictory; I like your stupidity
A smile, no matter how beautiful, how sweet, as long as it's not yours, it's not special
Tears, no matter how bitter, how salty, with your condolences, it's a clear day yet again
No matter how close, how intimate you are, without a hug, it's considered too far
The whole world only has feelings for you
No matter how crazy, how wild we play, once you stare at me, I'll keep my feelings
No matter how broad and far the road is, as long as you hold my hand, it's very safe
I'll be good and stick close to you, and be dedicated, and not be fake
I only have feelings for you
Dedicated yet 'sticky'; Like to cry yet docile
Naive at times, yet scheming at times
Showing 'hate' to you, means that I can't bear to leave you
Please take in the nutrients, to balance your brain
Want you to appear, yet your actions are so slow
How can I admit that I can't live without you
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Only Have Feelings For You Lyrics

Fahrenheit Ft. Hebe – Only Have Feelings For You Lyrics

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