Staring at this tragedy
So Misguided, yet surrendering
Inspired and Driven
Questioning this, the obvious
Hollow Fall into this world
Bridged a gap of destiny
Doesn't seem it could be real
I believe! I believe!
I am Fallen
I am Fallen
Searching for an answer
So mistaken, yet forgiven
I am dirty
Filth of all the sins I've come to know
Straying always
Endless seeking
For our guidance
I'm Alive!
I am Fallen
I am Fallen
Grip this soundly
I have wanted for you
To hold my essence
For you
I know, I am
Into, and out of this
I am, I am, fallen now
And Now I see this side
Raise my eyes but forget why
I don't know if I'll ever have
All I had given up. Instead
I am, I am, I am
I am Fallen
I am Fallen
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Fallen Lyrics

Face Down – Fallen Lyrics