N***a, don’t tell me what n****s say about me
Tell me why they feel comfortable telling you

The saddest stories comes from those who once had the glory
Had the foreigns, diamond watches and the baddest shorties
Now they in their latter 40s, bunch of kids, scatted shorties
No respect from the neglect, they call they daddy Corey
I’m from a different cloth, that ain’t the pattern for me
It’s levels to this s**t, it’s different categorize
Can’t be like them n****s out here looking fat and gory
They ain’t never win no rings but be mad at Horry
Talkin bout, ”man that n***a don’t deserve that shit”
Like ”I was really in these streets, I used to serve that shit”
We started from the bottom, had to topsy-turn that s**t
Get it while the gettings good after that reserve that s**t
My ex texted me last night, but I curve that s**t
Coulda end up hitting it, be too late to swerve that s**t
That’s a young mistake, Lord knows I made me some
I love getting brain, that never made me dumb
All that did was made me c**
Swear these hoes made me numb
Only feelings for this b***h
You been shoulda gave me some
I knew n****s who had some bread never gave me crumbs
Drink the whole f*****g juice and never saved me some
I know how young n****s feel, I had to live through s**t
See the world as constipated, nobody gon give you s**t
I learned that n****s gon be n****s, yeah we shouldn’t do it
But hoes gon be hoes, they just ain’t admitting to it
Where I been? Getting to it
Going through and getting through it
Running round killing s**t
And telling cops I didn’t do it
That’s why they call me ”Young og”
And ima spit this dope s**t until my tongue O. D.
I flew my shorty in from Cali and she brung og
She got me chillin in my city but my lungs O. T.
And f**k them n****s online, reply why?
Broke n****s talking cause it’s free wifi

[Outro: Ving Rhames]
You know the problem with you lil n****s?
You think you know everything about the damn world
You don’t know s**t
Well I see you got yourself a lil business going
Well that’s good, that’s good
You make that paper
When you making, paper you gotta learn some rules too
You gotta learn the difference between guns and butter
It’s two types of n****s in this world
N****s with guns and n****s with butter
Now what are guns?
The guns, that’s the realist thing
It’s stocks and bonds
What you know the s**t I appreciate with value
What’s the butter?
Cars, clothes, jewelry
All that other bullshit
They don’t mean s**t after you buy it
That is what it’s all about
Guns and butter baby
Lil dumb motherfuckers
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Young OG Lyrics