Mother sleeps mother weeps
I pray their souls I wish to keep
To make things better
Put them back together
Hold forever in the palm of my hand.
Burning bright by candlelight
Anxious souls don't sleep at night
They stay apart to break their hearts
There's nothing left just play the part.
In her hands the prophecy
She holds up the world to see
Then into the clouds she disappears
You can't hide from your own fears.
A tender kiss turns bitterness
Look quick or you'll miss
In a blink of her evil eye
She went from gentleness to wickedness.
Now I'm a monster in the woods
I'd play with you if I could
But there is danger in strangers
I stay away for my own good.
You hide and seek is getting weak
Inside the bruise you're incomplete
With one fell swoop and into the black
Baby fall from grace
Better watch your back.
Backbiter you can't hide her
You can't change I'm inside of her
Your poison mind has gone over the line
There will be no stopping me this time.
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Backbiter Lyrics

Evil Mothers – Backbiter Lyrics

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