Pardon me
But I
I can't
Be near you
Excuse me
But I
Think you're so
You will be
Tongue in cheek
Quit your shaking
We all know
A body is a waste
Run for your safety
You will pay
With your life
You were the reason for
This unholy attraction
Guarding the open door
Embrace the distant light
Guarding the open door
We will make better friends
The awkwardness
Surrounds us
We'll take the torch to our shirts
You'll expose what you are
We'll keep our distance
We'll keep our space
You'll expose what remains
By your neck
By the grace of god
I can't see
Without my eyes
You will stay
You'll hang here by your neck
You'll keep the grace of god
The awkward surroundings
You will seek forgiveness
We all need our space
We will keep our distance
To kill what remains
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You're A Damn Lion Lyrics

Every Bridge Burned – You're A Damn Lion Lyrics