Everything I have is broken and abused
Offering it up is all I know to do
What am I without You

You are the pillar before me
You are the promise of peace
You are the brightest morning star, You are
You are the broken and lonely
You are the triumphant king
You are the one who bears my scars, You are

Rivers of this world have washed away my truth
Places left to stand are perilously few
Where am I without You

Nations rise upon the backs of those they bruise
We scratch and claw for every hold that we cling to
Who are we without You

You are the glorious morning
You are a glimmer of hope
You are the beat of every heart, Lord, You are
You are the holy of holies
You are redeemer and friend
You are waiting with open arms, You are
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You Are Lyrics

Everman – You Are Lyrics

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