You can love Eve, hate Eve, I don't care
Cop my shit, dog, play this here
Come through, ride out, bitch like me
Stomped out you little flames ever so politely, it's me

[Chorus: Truth Hurts]
You know what this is, got the crowd like what!
Ain't a bitch alive that can take my what!
This time when I come, it's gone be like what!
It ain't hard to tell you just been done

This bitch, sick spit, clips toxic
Oh shit, that's it
Tired of my voice? Plug ya ears
Outrageous by choice? Love the stares
Knew my time would come, was prepared
Comeback second to none, still she here
what, whatever though, cats incredible
Watch me jaw-drop, why'all stuck like vegetables
Take my shine? That's my lifeline
Sit back and watch me chart climb, bitch, now it's all mine
I ain't givin' up or lettin' up, advice? Step it up
Slow down, cause your mistakes is catchin' up
Fan's a fan and you scramblin', I'm sittin' pretty
Ain't nothing left but me standing and you ain't wit me
Sob stories all you left wit cause it's over
Some say I'm mad, naw, I'm just a little colder


I'm the boss of this, know the cost when you floss wit this
Got you lost like "Excuse me, miss?"
Can't give up, you step, I jump five steps ahead
Need new shit, old tactics is dead
Anything that you thought was the shit, it ain't
All the things that you thought you could do, you can't
While I'm here, stay prepared
Veins in ya eyes while you stare, nose flared out
Same as it used to be, niggas clear out
Open spaces, I replaced it
Disappointment on all ya faces
Cheer up, back to the basics, I geared up
Settled this, stuck, and I'm here, what?
what you gonna do to take me out? Nothing!
But thank you cause you caked me out
Watched you, studied you, made me better
Played you, faded you, now they sweat her
Got through the door only cause they let her
Dose of the first was cool, but it gets better
Yeah, shit gets better

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What Lyrics

Eve – What Lyrics

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