Yeah...let's ride
Looks like the sun won't come out today
But the weatherman said there's no chance of rain
Every once in a while you need to get away
It feels like voodoo dolls and prank calls everyday...yeah

But I believe that we're meant to fly
Come with me, baby don't hide
All your hopes and all your fears
Are safe out here tonight
'Cause I believe that we're meant to fly
So come on let's ride

Sounds like the birds have stopped singing
The cold winds must've come and taken them
When all you want is to sing along and bring them back again
It's all detours, red lights and dead ends

I'll take you to a place that no one's ever been before
Hanging on too long - the time has come to let go
You gotta let go, yeah...

Oh yeah...come on...

Come on...let's ride...
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Meant To Fly Lyrics

Eva Avila – Meant To Fly Lyrics

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