(I sit here watching the clock tick)
(Why am I waiting?)

Sitting on my bed now, waiting for you to come home
Counting all the minutes, anticipating
It's about time now; you know our love is so real
Stronger than the feelings I've ever known

Why am I waiting for you?
There's no time for dreaming; be true
Why am I waiting for you?
Respect my love, just be there; be true

Tell me all my lonely nights, tell me
Don't want to play your games
The way that I'm feeling
Is it just a childish time
Show me your heart, show me your mind
Baby, don't be such a fool
'Cause you're treating me so cruel


Don't you think it's time to make it right?
My love is too short to play around
Tell me that you believe in me
This is just a make believe
Baby, show me your love
That is all I'm asking for
Baby, I need you
Baby, I want you
Baby, come home

[Chorus x 2]

Why am I waiting for you?
Pack your bags, and now we're through
Why am I waiting for you?
'Cause I've done all I can do
Why am I waiting for you
When you can't even be true?
Why am I waiting for you?
I can't see why I'm waiting for you

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Why Am I Waiting Lyrics

Eternal – Why Am I Waiting Lyrics

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