Hello my love, I have returned,
I have mended all those bridges burned.
I'm sorry I had to brake your heart,
But against all odds, you are in my arms.

I've beheaded every tyrant met,
I laughed right into the face of death.
And even when the gods looked the other way,
Against all odds, I found my way.

Through plains of snow, through the blinding hail,
I fought right through the fires of hell.
And even when all hope had completely faded,
Against all odds I somehow made it.

My limbs were tired, my heart was weak,
With out you here it hurt to breed.
But through all the things that I've been through,
You were my cure for every wound.

Leaving that morning broke my heart,
Letting you go ripped me apart.
We knew it was never gonna be easy,
But at least for now, you're here with me.

It was so hard to stay so strong,
As childhood friends died in my arms.
I felt trapped in this hurricane,
Constantly pounded by title waves.

Nothing will stand between us again,
If I must I'll face the four horsemen.
But through all the battle and the scares I've earned,
Against all odds I have returned, to you.

If I lost you I would give up where I stand,
Stay with me now give me a fighting chance.
I'll keep trying, or else these songs I sing will mean nothing,
When I've done all I possibly can, I'll find the strength to do it all

With aching limbs, and bloody fists, I'll stand up and fight right back.
With a roaring heart inside my chest, there is still some fighting Irish
And with everything that was in our way, where so many better men have
In one clear voice I'll proudly say, bring your worst, I am not afraid.
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Against All Odds Lyrics

Eternal Helcaraxe – Against All Odds Lyrics