But ya gotta keep skatin' skatin' skatin'
Watch me set it off
Just like Sergei Federov
We don't give a puck
Detroit won the Stanley Cup
Call me hockey daddy
This one goes out to Vladi
Konstantinov, Joe Louis Areana
In a hockey town, It's goin down
Skatin' on thin ice
Who's gonna pay the price
Power play, no penalties
Block your shot Detroit goalie
Just got tickets to tonights game
Stood in line two hours in the rain
Got inside who did I see
Little Cesars Pizza Pizza
Everybody wanna see Stevie Yzerman
Slide that puck to the goal, like Charles Woodson and his Heiserman
If that don't work I can tell you one thing
All we gotta say is, Let's Go Red Wings
(Gotta keep skatin' skatin' skatin') Let's Go Red Wings (x4)
Let's go Red Wings, Detroit gotta win another Stanley Cup
If you know what's up, get up cause we don't give a puck
Skatin' (x10)
You gotta fight for your right to be the champions
Detroit Red Wings the best, we know we're number 1
We got what it takes to go all the way
We didn't come here to fight, we came to play
(Gotta keep skatin' skatin' skatin') Let's Go Red Wings (x4)
Let's Go Red Wings (x4)
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Hockey Daddy Lyrics

Esham – Hockey Daddy Lyrics