Yeah. let me get on of those big mother fuckers and shit in here.
You know what I'm sayin'?
I'm back in this bitch!
Just like Ice-T, you mother fuckers should've killed me last year!
In the house with my mother fucking brother Esham,
You know what I'm sayin'?
Gettin' a little too much power in this mother fucker!
Sick in the head, so I tryed to kill a priest,
I'm thinkin' of excuses instead of killin' me.
The symptoms of insanity got me goin' psycho,
Friday the 13th just like Michael.
If I get wreck then I wreck when I wreck it,
When I mic check one, two, when I check it.
Lookin' for excuses just to get ill,
How many cops can one man kill?
Many, plenty, all is any,
A pity for your thoughts but death is what you brought,
>From a public enemy, public figure,
Not your regular nigga.
Like a rusty razor but I faze ya like a tazer,
Think I'm malice green, and then I get dejavu,
Then I get voodoo wicket,
Slide a rusty razor across your throat then I stick it.
Shit goddamn, goddamn shit,
Suck my dick when the heater go click.
And by the way, fuck you man.
Goddamn, you better murder the man.
You betta murder the man, you betta, Red Rum, Red Rum(2x)
You betta murder the man
You betta murder the man, you betta, Red Rum, Red Rum(2x)
You betta murder me man, before some nigga get hurt,
Let a nun suck my dick in the back of a church.
Another one bites the dirt, when I put in work,
Shit, you talkin' to a expert.
The tazmanian devil, black devil,
That devil you don't know, and don't wanna know.
'cause I'm kinda like a head hunter jack choppin' off,
And I'm gonna black, you know I wore the

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Hellterskkkelter Lyrics

Esham – Hellterskkkelter Lyrics