Boss up, don't get me crossed up
We like to drink the sauce up
Toss money at the bar and floss up
Boss up, y'all know who's the nicest
I'm from Detroit, playa, I don't care what the price is
I don't wear Nike Air force ones no more, baby, I'm sorry
My sneakers cost nine hundred dollars and they made by Maury
My shit's ridiculous, got gold in my toilet stool
And bitches want to swear there's diamonds in my swimmin pool
"He's so cool!"
When the girls see me, they all drool
Because they know that I'm the one that's breaking all the rules
My mink coat's so long, you can mistake it for carpet
You got purple kush up in that blunt, homie? Just spark it
If twenty-six's ain't on your truck, you should just park it
Because you're out there like that department store, Target
I bought the Beatles catalog back from Michael Jackson
Then called his ass a child-molester right before I slapped him
Then sold the shit to Paul Micartney, then I double-taxed him
The chrome Desert Eagle convinced him and relaxed him
Christina Aguilera came over, did me dirty
I told Beyonce stop trying to give me Jay-Z's birdy
I know you purdy, but go get me a ice-cold Pepsi
Then get your ass in this hot tub with me and Lisa Marie Presley
I walk on rose petals, my feet never touch the ground
Got two bitches - one to wipe me up, one to wipe me down
I sleep with three women all night, it's like a hardcore porn
They got me shakin in my bed like Ozzy Osbourne
I got the power, I'm pissing golden showers
The hoe that wipe my ass say it smells like flowers
Is that necessary?
Me and Halle Barry in a bubble bath
Just got back from Germany, I'm jet lagged
I got four hundred acres in the city on the Eastside
Police, they work for me, deliver donuts and pizza
I pay Mariah Carry to come and sit on my toilet and sing to me
When I'm in the tub, and dry my booty when I'm done
I got three helicopters and I rent them out for videos
So rappers can front and try to boss up like me, I suppose
I got a pit with platinum slugs and a doghouse
With an escalator in it
You's a hater, admit it
I did it, I made it, you hate it, can't fade it
Murdered a bitch with my bare hands and only got a fine and paid it
Bought the jury each a bently, after the trial I took it back
Here I come! Look at that! Where my fucking hookers at?
Had a private jet, but I sold it to the Soviets
As boss as it gets, for real and flossing all hits
I'm underground, undetected, much respected
Never rejected, my downfall: don't expect it
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Boss Up Lyrics

Esham – Boss Up Lyrics