Deep in a dream
Dead of the night
I woke up to see
Shadows of what we could never be
Lyin' awake
Here in the dark
I see you for what you are
And I know I could never fill that need

Cause you take and take
To fill that empty space
Until there is no trace of who I used to be

Whoah I can't be the one to fix you
I wish I could but nobody's that strong
You know I tried
Whoah I can't kill the pain within you
I'm getting off this trip you took me on
Here's a kiss in a cup, drink it when I'm gone

Now you deny the truth and the lies
As if they were the same
I took it all but I won't take the blame

Cause I gave and gave
To try and heal that place
Until I had to face it we were never ever meant to be


I thought you were all I wanted
And all I ever needed
But the only truth you gave me was your name
Still I loved you all the same

You know I tried

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Kiss In A Cup Lyrics

Escape From Earth – Kiss In A Cup Lyrics

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