Roll it, rock it, roll it in the socket
Roll, roll it, roll, roll it
Feel it, can you feel it, all night, all right
Oh burn it, rock it, moving in the socket
Yeah, yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah

Gonna getcha, gonna getcha, here it comes, don't try to run
I must love you, gonna sock it, gonna roll it, gonna rock
Roll, roll it, roll, roll it
Oh Lord, rock it, loving in the socket, yeah, yeah

Comin' at, goin' getcha, come on rock it, roll it
Gonna [Incomprehensible] in the socket
Gonna roll it, gonna rock it, [Incomprehensible]
And roll it, gonna rock it and roll it, oh yeah, oh yeah
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Roll It Lyrics

Eric Clapton – Roll It Lyrics

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