[Erick Sermon]

Yo whassup moneygrip it's the E on the trip

Not to Georgia but Gladys Knight and the Pips

It's a one way ticket to the highest plateau

For a smooth rapper and for those that flow

So blow like the wind my friend and take flight

and "Fly Like An Eagle" yeah right

You can't rock a party and make hands clapper

Cause you an N.R.er (that means a Non Rapper)

So give it up sucker duck emcee you're not ready

to flex yet, or better yet rock steady

with the E Double, number one on the planet

Take it for granted, I'm _In Control_ like Janet

I'm in command, plus full of fun

but don't play me, cause if you do you gettin done

And that my son comes to one conclusion

Total chaos.. no mass confusion

[Parrish Smith]

Knock knock (aiyyo, who is it?)

The one who storms on rappers just like a snow blizzard

Yes the micraphone doctor's back makin housecalls

to crab emcees, who claim to have the balls

to flex with the man, with the rep for snappin necks

I'm not the one son, so don't pose or make threats

The PMD, yeah Paid and Makin Dollars

Stranglin emcees with the micraphone cord and make em holler

I'm like, Quick Draw McGraw when I blast past

an emcees ass, then trash crash to smash his ass

and play his ego, while I sip a forty-oh

And count my cashflow, because I'm on the go

And aiyyo I don't joke, and that you can bet

I flex a rhyme on a rapper, play his posse and step

Like I said in _Strictly Biz_ I'm known to cause an illusion

to create total chaos.. no mass confusion

[Erick Sermon]

No magic tricks, Houdini, or I Dream of Jeannie

or disappearing acts from here to Tahiti

It's a one two three count, and I'm knockin out

without a doubt (Why E?) I got clout!

Homeboy you should know, I'm de commando of rap

Carry emcees no trees, across my bare back

I use measures, and yes all are drastic

For me the E Double, cause I'm fantastic

So, I let you know, money I don't play

Step back and you won't get smacked, hear what I say?

Lay low Afro, or take a nightcap

And if you tired (yo, then go take a nap)

Or close your eyes and chank em like a Jap

then lounge, as I rock across the map

Yo watch me go, ? in seconds

Me and PMD and the sound from our records

Check out the beat and the style I'm usin

It's total chaos.. no mass confusion

[Parrish Smith]

Last rhyme was for E, this one's for the Gipper

Give me room.. cause I'm about to rip a

emcee's head off as I release my steam

The method of decapitation, is the guillotine

So check out the tempo, and let your body go

Cause a brother like MD's about to go Rambo

A Micraphone Doctor, an emcee physician

An all around scholar, a rapper technician

So put up or shut up, cause MD is like fed up

You, your wack crew, your whole damn set up

Suckers still slippin, you better get a grip and

change your wack style while the clock still tickin

Cause pursuin and doin a brother, is second nature

Can you feel it E Double? (Yeah, somethin like ?)

To the Micraphone Doctor, all rappers are obsolete

You lack style and composure, plus your rhymes are weak

I gave you all due respect, when I said mic check

You're still slippin Duke, it's time to snap that neck

Like I said in _Strictly Biz_ I'm known to cause an illusion

to create total chaos.. no mass confusion
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Total Kaos Lyrics

Epmd – Total Kaos Lyrics


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