Iupd by the N. Ids from the 1987
Release "Music to Detassle Corn By"
Lyrics by Dave Peters


I wanna be iupd, give people tickets for parking legally.
I wanna be iupd, spend my life on the parking lot beat.
I wanna be iupd!

They've got Walkie-Talkies, they've got blue suits
They're packing their rods and they're ready to shoot
As far as the police, they're the tops
An entire force of Rent-A-Cops


"Hey little girl I don't know what you're thinking.
You could be arrested for littering or drinking
So pick up that bottle you threw on my lot
I wouldn't want a little girl to end up shot. "

Camp out at Dunkin' Donuts, patrol the store.
I'm not gonna go to dunkin' donuts anoymore
If your injured they'll take you to the doc.
They're just ambulance drivers disguised as cops.

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