Verse 1

The leaves were
Falling red and gold and I
The way you pulled me closer
Nothing else existed
In the world we lived in
We didn't
See the storm was comming closer...


That was then
But the time has come and gone
Nothing left but a broken story
We can't change
Can't erase
Nothing that we can say now
Can get back what we gave up
That was then
This is now
It's been too long

Verse 2

When we were
Drifting like the falling snow
Around us
But than a
Winters chill blew through your heart
Mistakes that we made
We know we can't change
The scilence
Was so hard
But I'm stronger for it


Vrese 3

The leaves are
Falling gold again
And I
The way we were


It's been too long
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Been Too Long Lyrics

Emmy Rossum – Been Too Long Lyrics