I'll sleep by the phone if you call me up I'll drive you home
I don't just disappear I need to be where you are
I see it now when you're working a crowd
And you keep me around because I help you stand out
But you're pushing me down because it makes you feel proud
You take the soul from me

That's me all I want to be is the bullet in your hand
When you're weak that's me
I want to be the bullet in your hand
Less of a man

Kiss on the chin all the while you're staring at him
Tug on my leash
Please, please
Don't do this now don't you need me around?
Don't I make you stand out?
Don't I make you feel proud?
I'm falling down and I can't feel the ground
I'll be whatever you want me to be
It's all I can see


You touch his hand am I less of a man
You're moving down and he's pushing you're head down
And you look like a child but you don't kill like a child
You've ripped the soul from me

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Bullet In Your Hand Lyrics

Emmet Swimming – Bullet In Your Hand Lyrics

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