Alright lets go
Yeah welcome to the official Shade 45 Anger Management 3 Exclusive Mixtape
Brought to you by none other than the mot*****in' notorious infamous
Dj Clinton Sparks

Once again its the kid yeah eat a d**k up
Pick up
The nuts boy lick up
'Till you hiccup
Sick m**********are yeah
Sick mug
Its a stick up
His middle finger
Hi my name is
'Till this s**t was stuck in your head so much you were sick of
My chicks love
And so we did the s**t more
Choke a s*** smack a b***h more
Beat a b***h up
Look at these kids they eat this s**t up
And this was
Back before I even knew what this s**t was
Its affecting what it does
Parents become mad at us
Meanwhile ticket sales have just sky-rocketed up
So s**t f**k
S**t f**k
S**t f**k f**k
You suck a d**k s***
But I gotta go its time for me to go and pick up
Its official I just broke her and Nick up

[Talking: Eminem]
Now if you leave this show and you don't got one of these cds
Then you did not officially experience the entire show
Once again 50 Cent, G Unit, Nate Dogg, Alchemist
And a special thanks to Lil' Jon
Can't forget Dr. Dre
D-Twizzy, O. Trice, Stat Quo
And on behalf of myself
I wanna thank ya'll for comin' out
Hope you enjoyed the show
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Anger Management Lyrics