She puts her lips to a bottle of cola.
I watch the kiss and it turns me on.
It makes me feel as though I am helpless there is nothing else.
She grabs my wrist and leads me through streetlights.
And locks her door behind my back.
Relax relax and let these taxes of your reflex act.
Sway so sway. you know you taste so good.
This is the night you are the fire.
Sway so sway.
And we melt into the floor as one.
I grab her hips and pull her in closer.
I close my eyes and it turns her on.
We press our skin and though it resists, oh I slip inside.
I feel her breath it slides down my neck yeah yeah we sweat.
To the rhythm that we make. make love. hate yourself.
But baby I'm all yours.
Make tonight stay. we turn around again.
Stay tonight right here.
We give it all we all just fade away.
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Make Tonight Lyrics

Emanuel – Make Tonight Lyrics