(words & music by weisman - wayne)Dominic, dominic why are you stallin’Don’t you hear love callin’ to youMoo, moo, move your little foot doDominic, dominic pick one of them tickerThere’s acres and acres to chooseOh, oh, only a fool would refuseI, i, if I had your troubleLife would be double good sweetThere’d be no grass growin’ under my feetListen dominic, dominic when will you hungerYou ain’t gettin’ younger my friendLove, love, love ’em all right to the endI, i, I can’t understand you, leavin’ them beauties forlornIt’s time to take the old bull by the hornCome on dominic, dominic, they’re itchin’ and twitchin’Better start pickin’ some wooMoo, moo, move your little foot do!
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Dominic Lyrics

Elvis Presley – Dominic Lyrics

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