(words & music by giant, baum, kaye)Don’t ever take tour eyes off meNot even for a minute’cause like a panther I might pounceAnd that will be the limitI can be sneaky, fast as a snakeI strike like a cobra, make no mistakeAnd baby you’ll be trapped, quick as a winkIt’s animal instinctDon’t think that I won’t pin you downNo matter how you plead itI’m like a lion who’s been cagedAnd you are gonna meet itWatch out I’ll warn ya’, sharp as a hawkI’m wild as a tiger, I prowl and I stalk’cause when a man feels thirst, he takes a drinkIt’s animal instinctYou better not be caught off guardThis wolf is on the search nowA leopard just can’t change it’s spotsAnd I’m about to lurch nowI roar like the jungle, I fight tooth and nailI just gotta get you, you’ll fall without failI’m ready for the kill, I’m right on the brinkIt’s animal instinctIt’s animal instinct, animal instinct
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Animal Instinct Lyrics

Elvis Presley – Animal Instinct Lyrics

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