A woman in a dress
Tries to catch my eyes
She's wearing yellow tights
I just walk on by
Nothing on my mind
Everything is fine
I'd like to fly around the world
But I haven't got a dime
I'm in love with life
Like a vase loves a knifev If I give you my hand
Maybe you'll understand
If you see me around
Give a smile not a frown
But if you don't like my mouth
I will stick my tongue right out
The cottage of my dreams
Will be shades of blue
A warm and friendly place
And an ocean view
Friends who come in tears
I will bring them cheer
Cooking up a storm or two
If I still remember how
I walk the avenue I'll wait until it's dark
Sitting in the park
Just for a while
Make the children smile
How I wish the lights would dim
With a snap at my command
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I Will Stick My Tongue Right Out Lyrics

Elsa – I Will Stick My Tongue Right Out Lyrics