Out of the silence - astral enlightenment
Melting the spirit - into existence
Past recollection - resting in silent
Subconscious chambers - never remembered
Spirit and matter unite to create mortal life
Physical awareness awakes to embrace solar light
Light - solar light
Nature's might
Holds the key to all life
Born to be
And to see
Deeply feel
Joy and pain in your life
Predestination and karma remain at your side
Steady companions of fate, circleing like sattelites
Eyes are collecting - lasting impressions
Words from hypnotic - chanting suggestions
Rules of society - mad regulations
Laws and decrees - of civilization
All contradictions lay on the scales to be weighted
Waken your consciousness, let your decisions be made
'Lone on the way - abandoned by
The force of the source - still wondering why
The goal of life - unclear and pale
Vibrations from nowhere - sweep in the mind
Lost in a maze - uncertain fate
Sometimes a sign - a call inside
While logic grows - intuition fades
Leaving behind - an inner war
Searching the ultimate answer so near, yet so far
Deep in your soul to be found shining bright like a star
Time - after time
The light will shine
Illuminating the way
Always there
In all life
Growing bright and divine
Predestination and karma remain at your side
Steady companions of fate, circling like sattelites
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Awakening Of Consciousness Lyrics

Eloy – Awakening Of Consciousness Lyrics

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