That night the walls were speaking
The pipes inside them, creaking,
Told the secret that was rising in the halls
And you lay beside me sleeping
With the dreams that you were keeping
The smoke was in the stairwell outside the wall

We had moved in just November
The first night, remember,
We lit a candle
Laid a mattress on the floor
And we toasted to our savings,
To adulthood,
To behaving,
To this house with drafty windows
Creaking doors

Is the woman across the table
Is dreaming in my sheets
This house is just an address
You're my home

So we stood like statues staring
While the sirens came in blaring
The Johnsons brought us coffee
For the cold
And somewhere I heard some singing
It was my radio alarm clock ringing
With a wakeup call singing to my soul

I can't believe I'm thanking Jesus
As I watch my roof come down
But I can put back all the pieces
As long as you're around
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Home Lyrics

Ellis Paul – Home Lyrics