She is searching for some form of salvation
In the corner of a bar down the street,
But the gin controls whole conversations
And plays magic tricks with her feet
She gets up, falls down, breaks even,
Gets caught by the wrong mister right
Hey, it's a hard town.
I wouldn't want to live in it
But I wouldn't want to give up in it,
All things being the same

Back home she's got these pictures on her mirror,
They frame her when she looks back at her face.
They tell her where she's been
I'll tell you where she's going,
She's got her name on a stool down at Eddie Owen's place.

She drinks when romance brings her down.
Like the sight of blood is a wedding gown.
Bright lights and smoke fill up this space.
It's a crowded room, but still a lonely old place

All her friends are nothing more than strangers,
Whose names are just words on a face .
If they bumped into her out on a sidewalk on some Sunday,
They wouldn't recognize her outside of the place
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All Things Being The Same Lyrics

Ellis Paul – All Things Being The Same Lyrics

Songwriters: ELLIS PAUL
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