Along the mountain pass
There is a patch of grass
Where the swingin' shepherd plays a tune
His sheep never stray
Dancin' all day
Until they see the palin' yellow moon
And then he leads his flock
And homeward they all rock
To the tune of the swingin' shepherd blues

This I-is something really extra special
A ditty we like to do just for you
It's the onliest swinginest grooviest thingy that we've ever done
And if you like it then before we are through

Then you ought to move along groove and join this song and I don't have to repeat
It's swing!
Ah yes!
Now it's complete.
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Swingin' Shepherd Blues Lyrics

Ella Fitzgerald – Swingin' Shepherd Blues Lyrics

Songwriters: KOFFMAN, MOE
Swingin' Shepherd Blues lyrics © EMI Music Publishing

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