Turn off that charmI’m through with love for awhileI’m through and yet, you have a fabulous smileSo if I forgetRemind meNot to find you so attractiveRemind meThat the world is full of menWhen I start to miss youTo touch your handTo kiss youRemind meTo count to tenI had a feeling when I met youYou’d drive me crazy if I let youBut all my efforts to forget youRemind me I’m in love againI get my heart, well in hand, and I’m certainThat I can take you, or leave you aloneThen you begin that beguine againAnd boom, I give in , againI have a will made of steel, my friendBut when it seems about to bendRemind meNot to mention that I love youRemind meTo be sorry that we metAlthough I adore youRemind me to ignore youYou’re one thing I will regretSo when your charm begins to blind meI’ll simply tie my hands behind meDon’t let me kiss you please, remind meUnless, my darling, you forget
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Remind Me Lyrics

Ella Fitzgerald – Remind Me Lyrics

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