I used to visit all the very gay placesThose come-what-may placesWhere one relaxes on the axis of the wheel of lifeTo get the feel of lifeFrom jazz and cocktailsThe girls I knew had sad and sullen gray facesWith distingue tracesThat used to be thereYou could see where they’d been washed awayBy too many through the dayTwelve o’clock talesThen you came along with your siren songTo tempt me to madnessI thought for awhile that your poignant smileWas tinged with the sadnessOf a great love for meAh yes, I was wrongAgain, I was wrongLife is lonely againAnd only last yearEverything seemed so sureNow life is awful againA trough full of hearts could only be a boreA week in paris could ease the bite of itAll I care is to smile in spite of itI’ll forget you, I willWhile yet you are stillBurning inside my brainRomance is mushStifling those who striveSo I’ll live a lush life in some small diveAnd there I’ll be, while I rot with the restOf those whose lives are lonely too
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Lush Life Lyrics

Ella Fitzgerald – Lush Life Lyrics

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