I never traveled further north than old van courtland parkAnd never further south than the aquariumI’ve seen the charm of jersey city, but first let me remarkI saw it from the empire state solariumBut we’ve been putting nickels in the postal savings bankAnd when those nickels pile up, we can toddle off in swankAnd I don’t mean an ordinary cook’s tourI mean a cabin de-luxe tourSomeday we’ll go placesNew lands and new facesThe day we quit punching the clockThe future looks pleasant,But at presentLet’s take a walk around the block.You’re just the companionI want at grand canyonFor throwing old blades down the rockThe money we have`ll go for travelMeantime, let’s walk around the block.Gangway, we’ll beginWhen our, ship comes inI’ll sit on your lapAll over the mapTo london in may timeTo venice in play timeTo paris in time for a frockTo boston in bean timeDarling, meantimeLet’s take a walk around the block.(bridge)In winter at christmas,We’ll visit the isthmusAnd see how they lock up a lockAnd then in caracas, on a jackass,We’ll take a ride around the block.We’ll keep to our promise,To visit st. thomasAnd then at jamaica we’ll dockThe prospect is thrilling,Still I am willing,Just now to walk around the block.Onward, to cathayThen to mandalayBoom on to bangkokP’r’aps vladivostokWe’ll send the folks cablesAccumulate labelsBuy souvenirs till we’re in hockBut since we are flat in old manhattanLet’s take a walk around the block.
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Let’s Take A Walk Around The Block Lyrics

Ella Fitzgerald – Let’s Take A Walk Around The Block Lyrics

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